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1/2 Ounce OC-17 Magnum Pepper Spray Refill

1/2 Ounce OC-17 Magnum Pepper Spray Refill

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Part Number:P-413
  • Police Grade Pepper Spray
  • The Most Powerful Concentration of Pepper Spray Allowed by Law
  • One Hand Operation - Multiple Blasts up to 12 Feet
  • Small Size
  • Safety Twist Top
  • Made in the U.S.A.

This refill contains the same pepper spray bottle that comes with the various other pepper spray holders sold on this website.

This Police OC-17 Magnum pepper spray packs an enormous punch that will incapacitate any attacker.

Use it to defend yourself against muggers, carjackers, vicious animals and more. Super compact, it fits easily in a purse, briefcase or glove box.

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