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Stun Guns

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A stun gun is a hand-held self-defense weapon designed to ward off an attacker by means of an electric shock. The shock is delivered to an assailant by touching the person with the stun gun's two prongs located at the front end of the unit and pulling the trigger.

Stun guns offer a range of advantages over other self defense weapons. Unlike knives, brass knuckles and batons, stun guns easily fall into classification as non-lethal weapons because they are designed to incapacitate an attacker but not kill him. The stun gun was not designed to cause serious injury nor inflict permanent harm. And, unlike pepper sprays – which need to be directed at an attacker’s face or eyes, a stun gun works on any part of the body.

Other advantages of a stun gun include portability and the ability to function on standard alkaline or lithium batteries. And, unlike guns, stun guns require much lesser time to practice in order to be proficient in their use.

Anyone interested to buy stun guns are advised to check their local laws before making a purchase. In some states like Connecticut, Illinois, New York and New Jersey, stun guns are restricted. Several cities, too, have laws that restrict the ownership of stun guns, these include: Annapolis, MD, Chicago, District of Columbia and Philadelphia.