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SAP Gloves

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Leather sap gloves are also known as “weighted gloves” or “lead gloves” and have been in use by law enforcement agents and security personnel for a number of years. The glove seems to share a common history with brass knuckles.

A leather sap glove may look like an ordinary looking glove or have a more distinctive look. While other synthetic materials have been utilized, leather is commonly used. There are purposely made pouches that contain either molded lead clay, powdered steel, lead, or lead shot which covers the knuckle area and depending on the model also the back fingers, back of the hand as well as the palm.

This glove is suited in a close hand to hand combat scenario; it has been used in sports, and is most ideal for law enforcement operatives and security personnel. It is also marketed to the general public as self-defense equipment. The objective of this type of weapon is to try to cause less damage to the parties involved in the conflict.

Be aware that this product is considered a weapon and while not as lethal as other weapons, is capable of causing damage and injury and should be used responsibly. To be sure that you are in compliance with the law, check to see if this glove is legal in your area.


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