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Two-Finger Real Brass Knuckle with Leather

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A gold belt buckle with removable belt screw and leather slip on the buckle, the Two-Finger Real Brass Knuckle with Leather is easy to attach to any belt with removable screw. Used as a paperweight or desk artifact, the Two-Finger Real Brass Knuckle with Leather brass knuckle is a symbol of power that subconsciously boosts self-confidence, determination and will to succeed. A real brass piece with genuine leather, the entire brass belt buckle knuckles weigh a considerable, yet still lightweight 2.70 ounces, and measures 3 inches wide and 2.5 inches long. This measurement gives you a comfortable grip in your hand with two finger holes that fit any finger size, and has a heavy-duty heft.

The leather strip on the Two-Finger Real Brass Knuckle buckle protects your belt, jeans, and your person from any rough brass edges. Made from real brass, as a self-defense tool the Two-Finger Real Brass Knuckle is sturdy and durable, and can be accessed and equipped easily and quickly for instant defensive protection against an attack. This two-finger brass knuckle is designed for instant equipping, built to be ready and designed to withstand being slammed and banged on hard surfaces, and resistant to scratch from the keys on your key ring. Made by experts who are truly passionate about self-defense, the Two-Finger Real Brass Knuckle has an optimized frame and design that will maintain a new and fresh look for many years; even with heavy use.

The gold finish on the Two-Finger Real Brass Knuckle’s 100 percent real brass gives this piece an elegant, classy style as a belt bucket or desk decoration, and ensures a new looking unit that will maintain its functionality and protect itself from losing its shape or solidity. An ultimately versatile and functional two-finger brass knuckle piece, there has never been a better investment for your dollar in self-defense than with the convenient easy-to-equip and formidable Two-Finger Real Brass Knuckle.

Product Features

  • 2.70 ounces
  • 3" Wide
  • 2.5" Tall
  • Leather on Buckle
  • Real Brass

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