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Navy Cobra Braid Survival Bracelet - Riptide

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Using the Cobra weave pattern which is known for being able to pack a very long paracord into a single bracelet, we have approximately 8 feet of 550lbs test rope packed into this 9.25 inch bracelet. ABS clips strap together with a hard click, securing the Paracord to your wrist so that it will never be far from reach-survival resources are needed most when you have nothing else so even if you lose your bag a Paracord bracelet will still be on hand quite literally . Unravel the bracelet and use the paracord in a million ways including (but definitely not limited to) tying down just about anything, fastening makeshift weapons like a lasso slingshot or building a tripwire (please see below for an exhaustive list of ideas for how you can use your paracord). Featuring a distinctive blue, white and black color scheme that evokes strong waves, the bracelet comes with a securing clip featuring a NAVY cutout so you can show off your pride in your favorite service branch. These are very popular with outdoors enthusiast, survivalists, emergency personnel, the military, and cover many other interests. 

Emergency/Survival Uses of Type III 550lbs Paracord:
- Building an emergency shelter by tying a structure together.
- Repairing a boot or shoe, or even as a boot lace.
- An emergency tourniquet can be improvised.
- Tie a blade down to make a spear.
- Fishing, by using one of the inner strands as a fishing line.
- Building a trip-wire alarm attached to a noisy object, like a can with pebbles.
- Hang your bag down from a tree branch to keep animals away.
- Repair torn clothing by sewing or tying the inner core strands.
- Snares. Build a trap that will catch dinner for you.
- Building a tow-rope by looping Paracord 10 times for 5,500lbs capacity.
- Repair and secure equipment, or even hang it from a belt.
- Makeshift weapons, like a lasso slingshot.
- Secure an animal or make a temporary leash.
- Floss your teeth with the inner strands.
- Make a hair tie, or even a head covering. 
- Put up a clothes line to hang clean laundry to dry. 
- General tie down of much anything. 
- Uses only limited by your imagination. 

Overall Length: 9.25 Inches
Paracord Length: 8 Feet
Paracord Strength: 550lbs
Number of Cords: 1
Number of Core Yarns: 7 Strands
Color: Blue, White, Black
Features: NAVY Securing Clip, Cobra Braid Weave

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