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Mafia Stiletto Auto Knife with Samurai Shark Knife Sharpener

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A150DLB, SHA127-65P


Product Description

Mafia Stiletto Switchblade Knife (A150DLB) - Piercing and precise, the sharp black kriss-style blade on this addition to the legendary stiletto line cuts to the core. Arguably the most difficult blade profile to make and derived from Indonesian cultural customs, the merit and value of a Kris blade is determined largely by the number of undulations. A second key factor is the median ridge. It should flow smoothly and follow the undulations of the edges perfectly just as this one does. Many Kris blades have 13 undulations, in Indonesian culture, 13 is seen as a lucky or even magical number. The real tree camo handle with marble flourishes has a smooth look that does not diminish its usefulness housing a swift automatic switch that makes rapid deployment a breeze and a handy safety mechanism to prevent accidental deployment. At 3.75 inches, the piercing bayonet-style blade extends its pin-point tip out to 8.5 inches overall length while the sleek stainless steel blade is 2.9 mm thick and 3.75 inches in length. Shiny brass rivets and a gold-plated lining adorn the solid and well-constructed ABS handle. Includes a FREE black nylon sheath with sturdy belt loop.

Overall Length: 8.5 Inches
Blade Length: 3.75 Inches
Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Black Finish
Blade Style: Bayonet, Kriss-style
Blade Thickness: 2.9 mm
Handle Length: 4.875 Inches
Handle Material: ABS, Real tree camo finish, Brass rivets
Includes: Free Nylon Case, Belt Loop

Samurai Shark Knife Sharpener (SHA127-65P) - As Seen On TV! The Samurai Shark, the only sharpener you'll ever need. Sharpen all your household appliances and heavy-duty tools with ease. It works on scissors, kitchen knives, pruning sheers, lawn-mower blades, electric peelers, snow skis and even serrated knives. Samurai Shark is made for any blade! It has an ergonomic handle for use in right or left hands. ABS plastic, tungsten carbide steel, 6.25 inch long.

It happens to all of us. You need to cut something, so you reach for an old knife or a pair of scissors. But they're so dull, they can't cut a thing. That's when Samurai Shark comes into play. The Samurai Shark has two sharpeners. You use the V-slots at the tip of the device to sharpen regular knives and cleavers. On the other end is a retractable sharpener that works on serrated knives, scissors and shears. The V-slot is adjustable. Dont Discard ThemSharpen Them!

Overall Length: 6.25 inch
Handle Material: ABS Plastic
Sharpening Steel: Tungsten Carbide
Great For: Cutlery, Scissors, Tools, Equipment, Machinery, Appliances and More!
The Only Sharpener that Sharpens Serrated Knives

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