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Large Self Defense Keychain Monkey Fist - Black

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If you’re looking for an attractive key chain that really packs a punch in the style and versatility department, you’re going to love our large Self Defense Keychain Monkey Fist in black. At Security Wizard, we’re always looking for unique products that fill a practical need and look great doing it and this fabulously large self-defense Monkey Fist keychain certainly fits that description. Deceptively innocuous in its appearance, the monkey fist, or the back ball on the end, is filled with a metal ball making it easy to throw.

The string is adjustable and can be lengthened or shortened as needed. Strong enough to crack glass, this can be handy to have around if you get in a real tight spot and need to break a window. For example, if you’re out camping and lock your keys in the car, and aren’t in an area that has cell service, how else will you get into your vehicle? If you have one these handy items in your camping kit, you know that while breaking your window is not the best eventuality, being stuck in the woods with no transportation would be much worse. It’s also great to use for whacking down dry tree limbs for firewood. But aside from various camping and safety kit options, it’s also a great looking keychain and handy to keep with you at all times for many reasons, including self-defense.

Large enough that you’ll easily find it in your purse, but not so big that you can’t easily carry it in your pocket, this convenient, combination key chain and personal safety device is going to be your favorite accessory. In today’s busy and often confusing world, it’s important to be prepared for every eventuality. By having one of these handy, large Self Defense Key Chain Monkey Fists on you at all times, you’ll always be able to get out of a tight situation.

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