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Fat Boy II Silver Mini Knuckle

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In today’s uncertain world, we all like to find ways to protect ourselves and feel a little bit safer. Sometimes that means investing in self-defense techniques or weaponry, and sometimes it’s just learning how to use what you might have on your person as a self-defense implement. At Security Wizard, we bring you a wide variety of items that can be used in self-defense, and some items like this Fat Boy II Silver Mini Knuckle belt buckle that can serve double duty.

While the Fat Boy II silver mini knuckle belt buckle is designed to be just that, a belt buckle, it’s engineered in such a way that it can give you some punching power in a tight situation if need be. The finger holes are large and can fit most larger hands. Made out of super strong stainless steel, this buckle has the fashionable look you want, as well as the sturdy durability you need, should trouble arise. It should be noted that getting hit by a person who is wearing this belt buckle as a personal security devise is going to cause serious harm to the person receiving the hit and could cause harm to the person delivering the hit, if they are not skilled in working with such an implement.

Though admittedly, the harm to the inexperienced person throwing the punch is likely to be considerably less than the person on the receiving end of the punch. However, if you are considering this as a potential vehicle for self-defense then it’s important to become educated on how it works before trying to use it in a sticky situation. That said, it takes no special skill to wear this attractive belt buckle when you’re going out on the town and it’s bound to get some appreciative looks when you’re out and about.

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