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8" Matrix Extreme Buckle Knife w/ Silver Blade

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If you’re a camping or hunting enthusiast, then you’re going to love this 8" Matrix Extreme Trigger Action Trench Knife, by Tiger USA, with its awesomely sharp surgical steel blade. Designed with an eye toward those famous World War l trench knives, this unit is incredibly versatile. The handle features finger holes and is engineered to fit firmly in your hand allowing you to get a good firm grip whether you’re field dressing a kill or stripping wood for a fire. The surgical steel blade is incredibly sharp and provides you with a straight sharp edge and a serrated blade section, as well as an amazingly sharp point. Complete with a handy belt or pocket clip so you can have it with you all the time, this versatile tool is going to be your go to blade whenever you’re in the bush.

This knife features a trigger action blade that makes it available to you in a second. Should you come across an aggressive animal when you’re out and about, this unique feature can come in quite handy and just might save your life. Also great for everyday life, this beast is so sharp you can take a package down in no time if you have it handy when Fed Ex drops off that camping kit you’ve been waiting for. This is just one of those incredibly practical knives that you’re going to want to keep with you all the time. Keep one in your pocket, one in the car, one in your camping kit, and one at home and you’ll find yourself turning to it again and again as there’s always something you need to open or cut through.

These weren’t so popular in World War l just because they looked good, though they do. They were popular and coveted because they were so functional and useful. That’s why the folks at Tiger USA decided to make them and why we at Security Wizard knew we had to make them available to you at the best price possible.

Product Features

  • Inspired by World War I trench knives
  • Trigger Action lightning fast blade eject
  • Modern feel and twist on traditional trench/knuckle knives
  • Free belt/pocket clip included
  • Useful as a knife and knuckle - Easy to drip handle with finger inserts.

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