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8.5" Leather Spring Billy Club W/short Hand Strap P-15983

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Today’s world can, at times, be frightening. After just five minutes of watching any news broadcast, a person can start to feel like they might become a victim of some crime at any moment. Most people don’t want to have to resort to buying a firearm, or strapping a knife to their belt. After all, as just a regular citizen, you don’t want to start resembling Mad Max when you’re walking into your job at the bank or local retail shop. That said, you do want some kind of personal protection device that helps you to feel safe and allows you to know that you could defend yourself if you had to. At Security Wizard, we understand your dilemma and that’s why we bring you this fantastic 8.5 inch leather Spring Billy Club with short hand strap, by Takedown Gear.

Designed only to help you repel an attack, this unit comes with a convenient wrist strap and a ten ounce lead stitched into the front. Long enough so you can safely use it in a defensive manner that doesn’t allow whoever or whatever is attacking you to get too close, but not so long or so large that it’s inconvenient to keep with you all the time, this leather spring Billy Club is an incredibly versatile piece of self-defense equipment. Perfect for keeping in your purse, in your car, or at your side, this handy Billy Club will help you feel safer in every situation. Ideal for wearing on your wrist while you’re out running or walking, when you’re sporting your 8.5 inch leather Spring Billy Club with short hand strap, by Takedown Gear, you will never have to worry about random, unwelcome advances from people or animals again. Reasonably priced at Security Wizard, this unit is so handy you’ll want to make sure to get a few.

Product Features

  • Length: 8.5 Inches
  • Weight: 10 oz

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