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4.5 Inch "Pucker-Up" Lipstick Knife - Red

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The Pucker Up lipstick knife is designed to take down an attacked with covert deception, which is the most effective way to arm yourself in a situation that is beginning to escalate in hostility, before it reaches a point of no return, in which case a few seconds is all you have to perform your action of defense. The 4.5 Inch "Pucker-Up" Lipstick Knife – Red is a true ‘kiss of death’; the tactical self-defense blade appears to be a regular lipstick case, with a half serrated surgical steel black blade exposed by removing the cap.

Available in 3 colors, there is a disguise for your lip shade with this CIA style covert knife. The Takedown designers create tactical self-defense gear that is made from police quality materials, so you know the 1045 surgical steel blade is going to last through heavy use, which is something you hopefully never have to experience but if you do, you’ll be more than ready with this lip stick blade, 4.5 inches in total length from the base of the stick to the blade tip. The red 4.5 Inch "Pucker-Up" Lipstick Knife is lightweight, weighing nearly nothing, which makes it such a novel lipstick knife; makes an excellent gift, and is designed not to lose its functionality after a certain amount of years of use.

The red 4.5 Inch "Pucker-Up" Lipstick Knife is likely to maintain a high level of newness for an impressive amount of time; even with an active level of use. The tactical stainless steel blade is made to law enforcement standards – this is a top of the line self-defense lipstick knife. More than just a small twist on your normal lipstick shade, the 4.5 Inch "Pucker-Up" Lipstick Knife – Red is available for sale at Wizard Security for the most affordable price of any online retailer.

Product Features

  • 1045 surgical steel blade.
  • 4.5 inch overall length.
  • CIA agent style hidden knife.
  • Takedown stamped on the blade - Know you're carrying tactical, police quality gear.

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