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32 Inch Tactical Heat Treated Diamond Grip Flashlight Baton

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This Tactical Heat Treated Tempered Steel Rubber Grip 32 inch Flashlight Baton by Azan offers a powerful, easily deployable and compact style finish. The length of this baton will allow you to reach your attackers at a longer distance. Featuring seamless alloy steel heat tempered telescopic tubing; this bone crushing non-glare black finish batons fit the perfect self-defense weapon for everyday needs and features a LED security Flashlight at the butt which works great for security guards, police or other law enforcement personals especially when you are in the dark. With a great tensile strength and bending strength, we have put this baton to the ultimate test to see if it will break or bend and we use a 4 Ton vehicle to roll over it, back and forth, and the results were astonishing. To our surprise, the baton came back straight as from the manufacturer with several rolls from the vehicle. You can also look at the video for proof. The bending strength makes this baton indestructible but yet offers great flexibility when the need arises. It provides the carrier with a confident attitude that he or she carries a powerful deterrent to ward off any attacker. It is one of the most sophisticated tactical defense weapon known to civilians, law enforcements officials and security guards in the market. The handle features a durable shock resistance design diamond shaped rubber grip. The sturdy rubber offers more excellent grip in wet or dry environment. Easily carried and readily available, this Tactical Heat Treated Tempered Steel Diamond Rubber Grip 26 inch Baton sports a bright LED Flashlight which is also weather proof. The flashlight also works great when walking the dog, jogging or just exercising outdoors in the night. This baton comes equipped with a black nylon carrying case with belt loop and hanging ring. Our Tactical Heat Tempered Square Rubber Grip Baton by Azan comes in other sizes: 16 inch and 26 inch. Specifications: Overall Length: 32 inch Handle Length: 10 1/2 inch (Not including the flashlight part) Steel: Seamless Alloy Heat Treated Steel Telescopic Tubing Handle Grip: Sturdy Non Slippery Diamond Shape Rubber Grip Style: Traditional Style with Flashlight Includes: Free Black Nylon Sheath with Belt Loop and Hanging Ring

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