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29" Police Baton Solid Self Defense Stick

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Can you picture yourself wearing a police baton at your side? You know, they’re not only for the police. Private citizens can use them, too, for personal protection. Is that why you’re here? Are you looking for a way to be safer and more secure in your daily activities? If so, you should seriously consider getting yourself a 29" Police Baton Solid Self Defense Stick. First of all, let’s talk about that length. 29” is pretty long as far as batons go, and that allows you to put a lot of force into your movements.

You’ll find it’s no big deal to extend out your baton and then retract it again when you need to. When it’s fully retracted, you can stow it away discretely in your black carrying case, which it comes with, and hang it at your side. When you need to use your 29" Police Baton Solid Self Defense Stick, you’ll know exactly where it is. Just knowing that you’ve got it with you will make you feel safer, since you will know that you will be able to protect others and yourself from a variety of threats. This particular baton also has a DNA catcher, which is a feature the police appreciate.

The 29" Police Baton Solid Self Defense Stick is in fact popular with law enforcement agencies, but it works great as a person piece of equipment, too. Since you found it here, you can get this baton for the lowest price it is available for anywhere! And when you shop here, you don’t need to worry about your personal information. We promise to never share it. All we want you to worry about today is finding the most awesome baton for you.

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