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26 Inch Telescopic Steel Baton

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When it’s fully extended this 26 inch Telescopic Steel Baton can be the one thing that keeps you safe in a difficult situation. Amazingly practical, this unit collapses into a compact size that fits into its handy carrying case which can slide onto your belt for easy access. Designed specifically for law enforcement and professional security personnel, this 26 inch telescopic steel baton is both practical and powerful. Made from incredibly strong stainless steel, this unit is both easily extended and retracted and features a solid rubber grip handle to give you a sturdy, non-slip holding surface when you have to use it.

At Security Wizard, we endeavor to bring sturdy, long lasting, durable and reliable personal self-defense equipment to the professional security and law enforcement person. It is well known that in today’s environment, a proper self-defense arsenal needs to include a variety of options. Many situations will require you to disarm and subdue a person when they’re in or around other people. In those situations, it’s not a good idea to pull a gun or even to spray mace or pepper spray because innocent bystanders could be affected. Also, the person may just be impaired and you don’t want cause any permanent damage to them for a moment of bad judgement on their part. This practical 26 inch Telescopic Steel Baton can be a very practical resolution to a sticky situation.

Simply pulling out your 26 inch Telescopic Steel Baton and extending it will provide the incentive needed for your potential trouble maker to calm down and come quietly. Fully telescoped, you can also use this as a way to keep a potential aggressor at a safe distance until additional help can arrive to resolve the situation. Make sure your law enforcement or professional security self-defense tool kit is complete with our 26 inch Telescopic Steel Baton.

Product Features

  • 26 inch overall length
  • Solid rubber grip handle
  • Police and law enforcement grade public safety item
  • Easily extendable and retractable
  • Forged from very solid and durable stainless steel

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