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21" Spring Coil Baton Police Grade Baton W/Nylon Case

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Do you sometimes find yourself in dangerous situations and wish that you had a way to better protect yourself? Maybe it’s time to take a leaf out of the cops’ book and think about getting a baton. The 21" Spring Coil Baton Police Grade Baton W/Nylon Case, as its name suggests, is high enough quality to be used by actual police officers. It is made from a very tough steel that has a sleek black finish. The nylon carrying case is also black, making the entire thing pretty low profile, not likely to draw attention to itself. You can hang the case from your belt, and people might not even notice that it’s there.

You’ll like how easy it is to use your new 21" Spring Coil Baton Police Grade Baton W/Nylon Case. Simply slide it out of its case and then flick your wrist to get it into a fully extended position. When it is fully extended, it is a nice 21” long, which is more than an adequate length for you to use it to defend yourself. Being able to take care of yourself in a variety of situations is worth more than the money than any single piece of equipment costs, but you might still like to know that the 21" Spring Coil Baton Police Grade Baton W/Nylon Case is for sale here at Security Wizard for the lowest price you’re going to find, period. That’s because we have this awesome lowest price guarantee. It means that our prices are always the lowest for each product at our store. We are willing to match a lower price if you do find one, by the way. But that’s not likely to happen, since we have a team that keeps track of our prices.

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