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21" Police Baton w/Window Breaker

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Make sure that next time you go into a potentially dangerous situation, you are fully prepared to defend yourself. A simple piece of equipment that can bring you serious peace of mind is a police baton. Really, they are pretty small when fully retracted and hang in a carrying case at your side. You just extend them out when you need them and then retract them again when you’re ready to put them away. If that sounds good, consider getting yourself a 21" Police Baton w/Window Breaker.

Its handle has a nice grip that makes it easy for you to keep your hold on the baton. You’ll like that the black finish and black case do not draw too much attention. We hope you also like the force that the 21” length gives you when you do have to use the baton. Just think of the extra confidence you’ll have when carrying the 21" Police Baton w/Window Breaker around with you. You will know that no matter what you encounter, you will be able to take care of yourself. What’s more, you will be able to take care of others who might need to be protected as well.

The 21" Police Baton w/Window Breaker has a steel core that is pretty difficult to break or even damage. That makes it a pretty awesome investment, since it will likely last for many years. Speaking of investments, you will also like the price. We make it a point to offer you only the lowest price available for each of our products, so there’s really no need to look anywhere else for a lower price. See our buyer’s guide here for more information.

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