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21 Inch Tactical Automatic Police Baton

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When safety and security become a priority, there is nothing more efficient and dependable than the Tactical Automatic Police Baton. At 21" in length, there is certainly room enough between you and the perpetrators as you lean in and out to deliver your protective strikes. The most beneficial points to consider in owning the expandable baton include but are not limited to:

  • Length - The length of the baton allows the user to maintain safe distance from the perpetrator allowing the user to maintain the upper hand and ultimately gaining control of the situation.
  • Quicker response - Perpetrators are typically quicker to stop aggressive behaviors at the sight of a baton due to their immediate thoughts of personal painful injuries. With the expandable baton, the site of an extending device signals a greater threat of a potentially personal bodily injury to themselves. This may sound a bit off but it is less brutal than injuries than are sustained by the use of your bare hands and or other police defense and safety weapons.
  • Rescues -The extending batons offer a greater surface area and greater force that has the capability of breaking the glass in windows and doors. It can easily be used to free individuals trapped in closed places and other emergency situations.
  • Pry Bars - The expanding batons can be used to wedge or pry open locked, stuck or barricaded doors for easier, safer and quicker access. The use of a pry bar in emergency response related work is essentially a golden opportunity for those moments when someone is trapped and waiting is vital to their life.

The 21" Tactical Automatic Police Baton is designed with your safety, security and welfare in mind. It has the ability with your proper and responsible use to protect not only you but those around you from dangerous situations that may include attacks or life threatening emergencies such as accidents or fires. The police use it to defuse potential problems and you can too.  Order your Automatic Baton today!

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