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2 oz Police Strength Pepper Spray - OC - 17

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You want to make sure you can protect yourself when you need to, but you are not confident enough with any kind of weapon. What do you do? A Security Wizard we have your answer, and it comes in just a little bottle and can pack quite the punch. The 2 oz Police Strength Pepper Spray - OC – 17 is the most concentrated pepper spray on the market that is allowed by law. Feel at ease using your paper spray once you have read the instructions that it comes with. It has a safety twist top, so there will be no accidental shots of pepper spray that will go off.

With just one hand you can spray a shot of pepper spray up to twelve feet, which gives you enough time to get away from any would be attacker. The small size makes this pepper spray a convenient tool. You can have it in your purse, glove box, or even your pocket. The good thing about the Police Strength Pepper Spray is that is not only works on humans, but it works against wild animals too. So take this with you on those hikes and feel completely safe.

At Security Wizard we strive to find only the best products to sell to our customers. We know that you value high quality, and that you want a fair price, and that is why we can offer this quality product at such a good price. Order one not only for you, but for loved ones, and order more to have in multiple places so you can get to pepper spray wherever you are. So take the hike in the hills, and don’t worry about long walks to the car late at night because the Police Strength Pepper Spray has you covered.

Product Features

  • Offers the most powerful concentration of pepper spray allowed by law.
  • Comes with instructions.
  • One Hand Operation - Multiple Blasts up to 12 Ft.
  • Small size so it's easy to take anywhere.
  • Features safety twist top.

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