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15 Inch Stainless Steel Silver Nunchuck/Baton Combo

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High quality professional grade nunchucks that combine to make a 15 inch baton, the 15 Inch Stainless Steel Silver Nunchuck and Baton Combo is two weapons in one, made from stainless steel with steel chain links and an expert craftsmanship that make this unit designed to withstand years of heavy use. These stainless steel nunchucks have an end that quickly unscrews to expose a 2.5 inch blunted spear point for another added power and increased damage to an attacker. Utilizing each of these factors of the 15 Inch Stainless Steel Silver Nunchuck and Baton Combo is easy with its expert design that allows you to convert the nunchucks into a baton or spear point in an instant for immediate defense.

The textured grips give you a firm handle on your nunchucks despite their stainless steel smooth and shiny appearance. The steel chain links of the nunchucks are sturdy and strong, and move liberally and independently as the nunchucks’ primary function, and are concealed securely when converted into baton. As nunchucks, it is easy to control this unit, and fun to utilize as a classic weapon and tool used throughout the ages to great renown and skill.

Screwed together in a matter of a brief moment or two in order to form a solid, sturdy 15 inch baton, the Stainless Steel Silver Nunchuck and Baton Combo is a professional crowd control and belligerence deterrent, and with its solid, stainless steel design and hand grip rings in the handle, it is a formidable design that rivals pure batons and retractable batons because of its sturdiness and easy, comfortable grip. The unscrewed cap that reveals a 2.5 inch blunted spear point makes this 15 Inch Stainless Steel Silver Nunchuck and Baton Combo one of the most versatile self-defense tools available at Wizard Security.

Product Features

  • Nunchucks combine to make 15 inch baton
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Held together by steel chain links
  • Grip texture in steel
  • End of nunchuck unscrews to reveal blunted spear point

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