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Learn How To Pick Locks

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Master the Art of Picking Locks!

With detailed videos, color diagrams, and clear explanations on how to pick a lock, you will dominate every lock you encounter!

In this straight-to-the-point guide to lock picking, you'll have access to the trade secrets that have been kept from non-professionals for years.

Inside the members-only area you'll discover:

  • The basic principles of how locks work
  • How a basic pin tumbler lock works
  • How to pick a pin tumbler lock using traditional picks, raking and scrubbing
  • How lever locks work
  • How to pick a high security lever lock
  • How to pick padlocks (combination, lever, pin tumbler)
  • How bump keys work
  • Where to legally buy bump keys
  • How tubular locks work
  • How to pick tubular locks
  • How to pick car locks
  • How to open cars without keys (bypass techniques)
  • How skeleton keys work
  • Where to legally buy lock pick tools (no questions asked)
  • Plus lots more...

All of this is explained in well-organized sections, each with color photos, diagrams, and videos.

Never look at a lock the same way, as you will now be in complete control!


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'The Bible' is divided into ten chapters with straightforward information, color diagrams, photographs, and videos. Each type of lock is clearly explained and then you are shown picking or bypassing techniques.

The Classified Lock Pickers Bible teaches you:

  • Manual pin-tumbler lock picking techniques (picking, raking, scrubbing)
  • Mortise lock / lever lock picking
  • Lock bypass techniques (why pick it when you can bypass it?)
  • Manual padlock picking (lever, combination & pin-tumbler locks)
  • Tubular lock picking (vending machine locks, bike locks)
  • Picking car locks
  • Car lock bypass techniques
  • Bump keys (the tool of the 21st century)
  • Skeleton keys, control keys, master keys
  • Where to legally buy specialized tools for each method and lock type

100% Money Back Guarantee!

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