Brass Knuckles

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 Brass Knuckles For Sale

Brass Knuckles For Sale

Security Wizard has the hottest Brass Knuckles for sale on the Web!  Whether you’re looking for Spiked, Gladiator, 100% Real Brass, 2-Finger, Bone, Chopper Knuckles, we got what you need!  The ultimate in self defense and personal protection.  The brass knuckle can fit discreetly in your pocket to give you that extra assurance you’re looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brass Knuckles

  • Are all brass knuckles made out of brass?  No, brass knuckles can be made out of a variety of differnent materials.  Everything from steel to ABS plastic to solid brass.
  • Are the brass knuckles, brass knuckle belt buckles and brass knuckle paperweights all the same thing?  Yes, they are all the same, just different names used to describe them.  Now we do have that look like brass knuckles, but they are called belt buckles belt buckles.

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  • Why do the brass knuckles have a little stud on the back?  Isn’t this just a belt buckle?  All of the brass knuckles we sell have the removable stud on the back of them.  This allows them to function as a true belt buckle should it ever be questioned.
  • Can the brass knuckles be worn on a belt?  Yes, just use the removable stud to fit through the belt hole.