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Brass Knuckle or Belt Buckle?

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Are they Brass Knuckles, Belt Buckles or Paperweights?

Many of our customers ask what's the difference between the Brass Knuckles, Belt Buckles, Knuckle Duster Belt Buckle and Paperweights shown on the website.  The short answer is, NONE!  They're All The Same!

Brass Knuckles are pretty much illegal to possess just about everywhere.  However, the interpretation of possess varies - some people say it means actually having them on you, others say owning them at all is illegal, and yet others say having them in the private possession of your home is okay. 

The only thing that we can tell you is to check with your local law enforcement or district attorneys office to find out the rules for your state or city.

Now, because the manufacturers know that Brass Knuckles themselves are questionable, they started making them with a removable stud that would allow them to be used as a Belt Buckle. 


Knuckle Duster Belt Buckle - Brass Knuckles

Technically, it's now a Belt Buckle since you can buy a leather strap and wear it as a belt buckle. 

All of the Brass Knuckles shown on our site are sold as Brass Knuckle Belt Buckles, but they're shown with different names because different people know them as different things.  Here are some of the common names for them; brass knuckles, brass knuckle belt buckles, paperweights, knuckle dusters, punch rings and brass nux.

You'll also see "REAL Brass" Knuckles on the website.  These also have the removable stud on them, but they are made of "Real Brass".  The others shown on the website are either steel with some type of plating or coating on them, or Plastic.