Top 10 Kickass Female Videogame Characters

If you have experience in the gaming world, you know that most of the female characters in videogames are scantily clad with a perfect hourglass shape. In fact, gender roles and sexism in videogames has been a topic of discussion and research since the 1970s. Basically since video games and arcades rose in popularity.

Female characters are often underrepresented or given negative stereotypes that make them appear weak or frail. Finding a female character that is just as tough and cunning as the male protagonist is rare, but not unheard of. In fact, in recent years, the gaming industry has […]

Are Brass Knuckles Illegal?

Whether you are an avid weapon collector and are interested in brass knuckles as a novelty item, or you are shopping for
self-defense items, it’s important to know what weapons you can and can’t own in your area. While most countries have outlawed brass knuckles completely, the U.S. has left the matter to the discretion of the individual states, and oh, how they vary. Each state has a different idea of what they consider a weapon to be, different degrees of weapon law violation, and different penalties for those violations. In order to help clear up the confusion, we’ve gathered […]

History of the Butterfly Balisong Knife

The butterfly knife, a.k.a. Balisong, has been featured countless times in the movies. The most recent and arguably the most popular one to date is in the hit action movie, Kick-Ass. In one memorable scene Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) presents his daughter, Hit-Girl (Chloë Moretz), with her favorite “benchmade model 42 butterfly knife” as a birthday gift. Hit-Girl proceeds to display her deadly skills by expertly flipping the butterfly knife from one hand to the other.

The balisong has also seen action in such Hollywood hits as Face/Off, Lethal Weapon 4, The Mummy Returns and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The […]

What is a Kubaton?

Kubotan is a simple yet powerful self defense key chain which is also referred to as Kubotan or Kobutan by others. It was developed by Takayuki Kubota as a tool for police officers used to restrain suspects without inflicting permanent injury on them. The popularity of the use of Kobutan began during the early 1970’s when the developer, Kubota brought the weapon to the presence of the LAPD simultaneously with the initial schooling of female officers included in the program.

The work kubotan came from two terms namely “Kubota”, who is the designer of the instrument and “baton”, from which […]

Brass Knuckle History

Brass Knuckles History 
In modern times, many sources point to the trench “knuckle knives” used during World War 1 as direct ancestors of the today’s brass knuckles. Other sources point to a much earlier time – the American Civil War where soldiers were said to have made their own knuckle dusters by using lead melted out of bullets.  
Nowadays, knuckle dusters are made of a host of materials – steel, brass, aluminum, metal alloys, plastic and even bulletproof glass. Brass knuckles also come in a multitude of design styles – from the more common four-fingers design to the less common […]

Brass Knuckle or Belt Buckle?

Are they Brass Knuckles, Belt Buckles or Paperweights?

Many of our customers ask what’s the difference between the Brass Knuckles, Belt Buckles, Knuckle Duster Belt Buckle and Paperweights shown on the website.  The short answer is, NONE!  They’re All The Same!
Brass Knuckles are pretty much illegal to possess just about everywhere.  However, the interpretation of possess varies – some people say it means actually having them on you, others say owning them at all is illegal, and yet others say having them in the private possession of your home is okay. 
The only thing that we can tell you is to check with […]

Stun Gun Laws

Below are pepper spray laws and restrictions that we are aware of. You should check locally if you believe pepper sprays may be restricted in your area.  State Laws and Restrictions  States Where Pepper Sprays are Restricted (We cannot ship to these states. If an order is placed your order will be cancelled)  New York: New York residents may only purchase defense sprays from licensed Firearms Dealers or licensed Pharmacists in that state.  Massachusetts: Massachusetts residents may only purchase defense sprays from licensed Firearms Dealers in that state.  States Where Pepper Sprays Have Some […]

The Expandable Baton As A Self Defense Weapon

They come in many names – telescopic, collapsible, expandable and, more recently in some police circles, as RCBs (Rapid Containment Batons). Expandable police batons are also known by their brand names – ASP (which has emerged as a genericized term for the weapon), Cosco, Winchester/Peacekeeper and the Monadnock Autolock.
A typical expandable baton is composed of three sections – the top two smaller shafts collapse inside the larger, main shaft rendering it compact in size. At the flick of the wrist the baton is quickly deployed with the shafts locking into each other expanding its size to nearly three times […]

Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle – Use Your Weapon As An Accessory And Carry It With You

Nowadays, everyone needs extra protection; whether it’s for yourself or for your family members.  When you use a brass knuckle belt buckle, you will be disguising it as a fashion accessory but you will also be carrying a weapon to ensure your safety in case you may need it for self-defense.  Before proceeding, it is important to advise you that you should do a little bit of research and find out if this product is considered legal in your country or state.  Most places do consider a brass knuckle to be an illegal weapon and this is why the […]

Brass Knuckles – Invest in Your Security by Purchasing Brass Knuckles

Human beings are a civilized community and we as a progressive species have attained a higher level of culture and refinement.  If you look around you, you will see the way our habitat has changed throughout the years.  We have changed the world a lot in order to adapt it to our needs.  To suit ourselves, we have developed an amazing technology that definitely proves us as the most developed species.  It is unfortunate though that in spite of evolving more than all the other classes we still have to deal with people who still resort to dealing with […]