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ASP Baton, Police Baton, Expandable Baton, Collapsible Baton


A typical expandable police baton is composed of three sections – the top two smaller shafts collapse inside the larger, main shaft rendering it compact in size. At the flick of the wrist the baton is quickly deployed with the shafts locking into each other expanding its size to nearly three times its collapsed length.

Expandable batons, which vary between 16 to 32 inches in length, are usually made of steel but some are made of lightweight alloys making them more convenient to carry.

Police Baton

ASP Baton, Police Baton, Expandable Baton


Police departments and security agencies found use in telescopic batons in that they fill the link between using one's empty hands and resorting to lethal force.

To maximize their utility, most police and self-defense experts recommend proper training in the use of these non-lethal weapons. Just as any hand-held weapon, knowing when, where and how to strike is vital when using the expandable baton.